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Resident Care Features

Resident Charting

Resident ChartingClick Image to Enlarge

Does your current charting method provide an accurate picture of your residents’ health and care needs?

AL Advantage resident charting format is simple, detailed, easily editable and time-stamped. In addition, charting entries can be added and flagged as a “late entry” when needed.

No entry can be deleted, either intentionally or accidentally, so there’s no danger of key data being lost.

Records can also be searched by date range, topic or keywords and alerts can be set for critical patient monitoring.

All these features provide a more comprehensive picture of your residents’ care needs.


Height, Weight & Vitals

Weights and Vitals

Do you have difficulty monitoring resident health, because you’re unable to track patient metrics easily?

Residents’ long-term health metrics can be key in identifying and addressing emerging medical concerns.

AL Advantage provides a way to track Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respiration, Temperature, Oxygen Levels and Notes for each resident.

Reports are also available to view trends in decline or improvement in this key information over a 6-month period. Data is pulled directly from the resident chart for effective long-term monitoring.


Resident Assessments

AL Advantage Resident AssessmentClick Image to Enlarge

How can you improve tracking of resident care?

Our Resident Assessment tool is comprehensive, yet fast and easy to complete. This tool thoroughly evaluates care needs when new residents are accepted and consistently re-evaluates care needs as resident care changes. Our Assessments are state compliant and detailed.

This provides accuracy when establishing care fees. Whether you choose customizable tiered “Levels of Care”, points-based fees, or a la carte services, care costs can be tracked and recovered.

Does your state require a standard Resident Assessment form? We can help!

Diet & Allergy Tracking

Diet & Allergy Tracking

Is your food service staff aware of residents’ food allergies and changes in special dietary concerns?

AL Advantage Resident Diet Summary produces a report with detailed data that allows your food service and care staff to stay up-to-date on all dietary preferences, allergies and changes.

This detailed tracking helps you avoid costly allergic reactions and promotes better health outcomes by monitoring diabetic, heart healthy, low salt, low fat and other health-related diets.


Service Plans

Service PlansClick Image to Enlarge

Is there a simpler way to make your Service Plans compliant?

Preparing a compliant Service Plan does not have to take hours. Our “type-once” data entry integrates your Resident Assessment and Caregiver instructions right into your Service Plan.

Additional plan items can be added quickly by selecting from our Library of pre-written goals and interventions, written and reviewed by compliance experts.

Documenting resident needs has never been easier, and most importantly, our platform will keep you compliant.


Incident Notifications

Incident Notifications

Is your management team notified when an accident or incident occurs?

AL Advantage automated “Incident Notifications” allow you to automatically trigger an email notice immediately to the key staff of your choice, whenever an Incident Report is created.

Real-time notification gives your team the opportunity to be proactive and state-compliant in reviewing and addressing possible resident safety concerns.

Face Sheets

AL Advantage Resident Face SheetClick Image to Enlarge

Do you have trouble putting together an easy-to-use overview of each resident in your community?

AL Advantage “Type-once” resident assessment data flows from the Community, Resident, Face and Contacts modules to create a comprehensive resident data profile “Face Sheet”. This important document provides a snapshot of all relevant data for caregivers, medical teams and support staff. All key resident data can be viewed or printed, as needed as a PDF or Word document.


Care Review with Family

Senior Couple Meeting With Caregiver

Do you have a way to provide vital information that resident family members want to know?

Our comprehensive Resident Assessment Tool and Service Plan become valuable family communication methods.

Written resident care plans, as well as care goals and expected clinical outcomes can be reviewed and discussed with responsible parties and family members to keep them engaged with resident care actions and expectations.


Incident Reports

AL Advantage Incident ReportClick Image to Enlarge

Is there an easier way to track State-required resident incident reporting?

AL Advantage senior living software allows you to quickly capture resident incident assessment, measurement, documentation and communication of all State-required incident data.

Incident location, witnesses, actions, injuries and notifications can be entered in our system, then viewed, distributed or printed as an Incident Report for future reference and review.

Caregiver Instructions

Caregiver InstructionsClick Image to Enlarge

How are you bridging the gap between intake meetings and your caregivers on the floor?

AL Advantage produces your caregiver instructions in the Resident Summary report which is pulled directly from the Assessment development process. We provide a direct line of communication to caregivers at the best point in time, during intake, when a resident and their family are expressing their care requirements.

Meds Management

Assisted Living Medication Management

Do you need help tracking resident Medications?

AL Advantage software allows you to enter, review and print medication, PRN lists, physician’s orders, emergency info and more for each resident.

We provide downloadable Medication Management forms or an eMar add-on for total online medication tracking within each community.

Senior living resident assessment software designed BY care experts FOR caregiver success.