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Key Features of our Senior Living Software

One-Time Data Entry

Time-saving “type once” entered data flows to all assessments, service plans and caregiver instructions

Reduced Caregiver Stress

Senior Living Software designed by seasoned senior care providers to simplify on-the-job stress levels

State-Specific Compliance

Required content categories meet all State care reporting requirements

Custom Levels of Care

Customizable: Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care levels of care with automatic email notifications of changes to accounting staff

Resident Assessments

Resident’s entered Activities of Daily Living “ADL’s” care tasks and their related Goals and Interventions are automatically inserted into the Resident’s Service Plan

Resident Face Sheet

A single page “Face Sheet” summary of all the Resident’s primary care information and key contacts, with photo, typically used to accompany Resident when off premises

Nurse-designed Charting Tools

Resident’s immediate care requirements or changes noted. Entered data time stamped, Caregiver name and Resident’s disposition documented with automatic follow up’s set with on-going charting histories preserved

Diet, Medication
Bathing & Laundry Management

(9) Resident specific, editable, printable MAR forms for tracking of medications. Dietary restrictions, Bathing & Laundry scheduling simplified

Resident Status Reports

(24) Different printable reports that reference Resident’s: Individual and Community: Care Activities, Schedules, Service Plans, Reporting due dates, Histories, Charting and key Contacts

Multiple Software Access Levels

Designated software administrator(s) control specific User’s care data access for Resident’s record confidentiality and HIPAA care data security compliances

Time-Stamped “Community Snapshot”

Upon Log-In: All users view an immediate community status summary of today’s Resident’s: Census, Incidents, Alerts, Charting Activities and Follow up’s, including Birthdays

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