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Strength Training Prevents Falls and Fractures in Seniors

Strength Training Prevents Falls and Fractures in Seniors
December 26, 2018 ALAdvantage
Fall Prevention Strength Training

Did you know that strength training prevents falls for seniors?

As you probably know, slips and falls are the most common form of injury among assisted living facility residents and senior citizens in general. One in three seniors, aged 65 and older, experience a fall each year, and 20 to 30 percent of them suffer moderate to severe injuries as a result. As they grow older, their likelihood of falling is even higher, with adults aged 85 and older being four times more likely to fall, than those between the age of 65 and 74.

Repeated incidents and accidents in your assisted living community can also impact your reputation and even ratings. Wouldn’t it be great to find ways to lower incidents in the coming year?

The good news is that studies have shown that older adults that practice regular strengthening exercises reduce the chance for falls by building bone density, bone strength and improving balance. Study participants gained strength in their knees and hips, which are key joints in preventing unexpected falls.

In the following infographic, discover how strength training can help the seniors in your community prevent falls and fractures. This would be a perfect poster to hang up in your Assisted Living community room as a reminder and New Year’s goal to residents and caregivers – to be proactive in reducing falls.

To save the infographic on a PC:

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  • Right-click on the image and choose “Save image as…”
  • A window will pop up with a list of all the folders on your computer.
  • Select the folder where you would like to store the infographic image, then click the “Save” button
  • Now the image is stored on your computer and can be printed from there or emailed to a local printer for printing on heavier paper or other material.

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Falls, Fractures, and How Strength Training Can Prevent Them

Via: ThePerfectWorkout.com

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