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Reporting Features

Special Care Needs

AL Advantage Special Care Needs ReportClick Image to Enlarge

Do you have trouble keeping track of the special care needs of your residents?

The “Special Care Needs Report” provides a summary of all your residents’ special needs at a glance. It includes items like Oxygen, Catheter, Fall Concern and several others.


Bathing Schedules

Bathing Schedules

Is your staff overwhelmed trying to get to all of your residents’ required bathing?

With AL Advantage, your bathing schedule is produced directly from your resident assessments. There’s no extra work on planning or scheduling to be done. Our bathing report lets you see which days and shifts are scheduled for every resident.


Resident Contacts

Resident ContactsClick Image to Enlarge

Do you have all your residents’ key contacts where you need them most?

Maintaining your residents’ contacts in one place saves you time, simplifies coordination and notification, especially at critical times. “Type-once” data entry means resident contacts are automatically included in the Resident Face sheet and various other reports.

Laundry Scheduling

Laundry Scheduling

Does your staff have trouble keeping track of resident laundry schedules?

With AL Advantage “type-once” data management, your laundry schedule is produced directly from your Resident Assessments. There’s no extra work to be done. The schedule lets you see which days and shifts are scheduled for laundry and provides a checklist of every resident’s laundry requirements.


Staffing Estimates

Staffing EstimatesClick Image to Enlarge

Is there an objective way to allocate your care resources?

Without a data-driven tool it’s difficult to objectively manage your community’s senior care coverage. AL Advantage Full Time Equivalent (FTE) report calculates staffing recommendations for effectively providing required senior care.

Our FTE report estimates how many caregivers are justified to serve all your residents’ assessed care needs, which can optimize your caregiver costs and improve business outcomes.


Flexible Report Formats

Flexible Report Formats


Tired of being restricted to one type of file format for your output documents?

AL Advantage printing and reporting functions provide a variety of formats, so your data can be exported in a layout that works for you.

Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe PDF formats are all available throughout the platform.

Service Plan Notes

Service Plan NotesClick Image to Enlarge


Do you have trouble tracking historical decisions and plans about a resident’s care?

AL Advantage “Type-once” Service Plan meeting evaluation notes flow into all subsequent Service Plans.

These can be easily printed so all involved parties in the meeting sees historical and current resident care developments.


Leave of Absence Tracking

Leave of Absence Tracking

Do you have trouble notifying your departments about residents that are off-site for several days?

AL Advantage resident “Leave of Absence” status allows your staff to see up-to-date status on every resident who is off-site.

Our “type-once” data management allows key departments to be notified via reports such as “Special Diets”, “Special Care Needs” and others.


Incident Analysis

Incident AnalysisClick Image to Enlarge

Do you find it difficult to track incidents and their cause?

Empower your care team to minimize resident risks and reduce incidents by easily creating compliant incident reports and tracking trends, which can assist with finding the root cause of the issue.

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