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Our Story

How it all Began

In 2011, a group of proactive senior care experts and veteran industry consultants gathered to find a simpler way to improve elder care among their communities. They and many of their caregiver associates were struggling with their growing mountains of required paperwork, complicated resident tracking methods and increasing levels of on-the-job stress.

The team wanted to find a way to create a senior living software solution that improves and simplifies senior care processes, so the caregivers could have more time for, well…CARE GIVING.

They searched for elder care solutions that were easy-to-use, time-saving and provided all the right tools for busy caregivers to stay within state compliance, while at the same time providing excellent care to their residents.

After much research, the practitioners came to the realization that there wasn’t a senior living management product available that provided them everything they needed, so they partnered with us to design a platform from the ground up.

The comprehensive collaboration of our cloud-based technology experts and these experienced senior care management veterans created AL ADVANTAGE Senior Living Software!

After thorough testing and implementation, senior care communities that used AL Advantage began to see a drastic reduction in paperwork, simplification of their care processes, improved employee satisfaction and a reduction in staff turnover.

Caregivers could finally focus on caregiving.

Happening Today

Since its creation, AL ADVANTAGE senior living software has been implemented in hundreds of senior care communities of all sizes, with great success.

Ongoing review, state-by-state customization and supportive enhancements have continued to simplify and improve our caregiving platform into one that’s preferred by front-line caregivers and senior care practitioners nationwide.

Looking to the Future

We continue to lead the charge in streamlining and simplifying senior caregivers’ ever-increasing tasks and empowering them to provide outstanding care to their residents.

As our population ages and the needs continue to grow for better Senior Care communities, the challenge becomes even more critical to have the best systems for the people who care for our loved ones. We know that excellent resident care is a key component for continued success in the senior care industry. Without it, all other areas of the business are negatively impacted.

Happy Caregivers = Happy Residents = Happy Resident Families = Happy Community Owners

Use the software designed BY care experts FOR caregiver success.