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New Resident Type – “Prospect”

New Resident Type – “Prospect”
March 1, 2019 ALAdvantage
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At AL Advantage, we know that a tool to create accurate care proposals for prospective residents and their families would make your job easier.

Some communities have found value in estimating care services by creating a “Resident Assessment” within our platform, which estimates care needs and Care Levels for billing calculation. Until now, this was done by creating an “Active” resident record to complete the Assessment questions, then later archiving the record..

Our new, “Prospect” Resident Type makes it much easier to create those estimates without risking an inaccurate resident list for compliance or emergencies. (See sample screenshot below)

With the latest enhancement you can:

  • Create a new resident and immediately choose the “Resident Type” “PROSPECT”.
  • Complete the pre-assessment evaluation estimate.
  • Then display or print the Assessment Estimate to show to potential residents or responsible parties.
  • Functionality for the “Prospect” Resident Type is restricted to the Assessment module – and can only be used for estimation purposes.
  • If the Resident Type is set to “Prospect” the resident’s name field will show the word (Prospect) in parenthesis throughout the system.
  • If the prospect decides not to become a resident, we recommend that you archive the record, so it isn’t displayed in your active modules.
  • If the prospect chooses to move in to your community, it’s easy to simply change their Resident Type to “ACTIVE” and proceed as you would for any new Resident.

We’re excited that this new status will help all communities provide accurate proposals for prospective clients, while keeping their records cleaner and more accurate for tracking, census, billing and reporting purposes.

Resident Type - Prospect Screenshot

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