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Latest AL Advantage Features

Latest AL Advantage Features
December 6, 2019 ALAdvantage

Our Latest AL Advantage Enhancements

We at AL Advantage (ALA) are constantly vigilant in protecting your community’s confidential resident care and user information. In addition, our team is always looking for ways to enrich our software to make your job easier.

In this announcement, you’ll see details on how we enhanced our software.

1.) ALA has added new drop-down selections to the charting topic drop-down list

Some of the options include: Diet, Appointment, Wound, Hospice, Palliative Care, Orders, Antibiotic Treatment, DNA, Labs, X-Ray, Guardian/POA, Behavior and more.

(Updated on May 13th, 2019)

2.) We added the charting notes to new charting report that shows both notes and the topic

Now you are able to easily see your charting notes on your charting report.

(Updated on May 13th, 2019)

3.) We Updated HIPAA Security Standards

Lockout Requirements

  • Now from (10) Attempts to (6) Attempts.

Force Logout Timing

  • Now from (90) minutes to (30) minutes.


Additionally, we also added:

System Lockout Notifications

  • When a user is “Locked Out” an automatic email notification will be sent to the community Admins or corporate Admins to inform of a “Lockout.”

Lastly, we added both the “Show Password Button” and the “Remeber My Email Button” for your convenience when logging in to your Account:

Show Password Addition

  • Your login password text entries can now be seen with a click of a box under the password field.

Remember my Email

  • You can save your email for quick and easy login.

(Updated on September 3rd, 2019)

As always, if a System Admin is unable to provide a solution themselves – please contact ALA Product Support by emailing support@aladvantage.com.

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