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Frequently Asked Questions

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PRINTABLE FAQS - How can I print these FAQs for future reference?

It’s easy to print a set of these Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) for easy desk reference by going to the top of the page and clicking on the”printer” icon.

AL Advantage Senior Care Software FAQs Printer IconAfter clicking the “Print” icon, a print preview page will pop up (see below).

  1. If the full list of FAQs isn’t needed, hover your mouse pointer over the unwanted section(s) and click the trash can icon to delete that section.
  2. Continue until all unwanted sections are deleted.
  3. To PRINT, save as a PDF or email the document, click on the appropriate option(s) at the top of the document preview window.

PrintFriendly Preview and Edit Screenshot

Be sure to check back to this page regularly for updates, since we’re adding new helpful tips all the time and you want to be sure you have them all.

ACCESS & LOGIN - How do I access AL Advantage software?

AL Advantage (ALA) is a web-based application hosted in the “cloud”, thus, it can be accessed via any computer or device with internet access.

To do so:

  1. Launch the internet browser of your choice (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.)
  2. Navigate to https://aladvantage.com/
  3. Click on the “User Login” button located in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Enter your email and password, as directed.

BROWSER - What is an internet browser?

An internet or web browser, or ‘browser’ for short, is a computer software application (tool) that allows a person to view the various websites or pages on the Internet.  A browser is used to locate, retrieve and display content on the World Wide Web, including web pages, images, video and other files.

In the case of AL Advantage, it also allows us to enter information in centralized web-based databases, charts, records and forms that can be retrieved and viewed by others that have secure login privileges.

BROWSER - Which browsers do you recommend for AL Advantage?

The latest version of the browsers below are recommended by AL Advantage:

ALA Supported Browser logos

NOTE: Microsoft no longer supports older versions of the Internet Explorer browser. AL Advantage recommends using a browser (listed above) other than Internet Explorer, for optimal productivity, since display and/or printing issues may occur with Internet Explorer.

INSTALLATION - How do I install AL Advantage?

Some companies choose to create a shortcut on the desktop(s) of their computer(s) for users to utilize when accessing AL Advantage. This creates the misconception that AL Advantage is ‘installed’ locally on their computers.

AL Advantage is actually a web-based application hosted in the “cloud”, thus, it can be accessed via any computer or device with internet access.

To do so:

  1. Launch the internet browser of your choice (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.)
  2. Type in https://aladvantage.com/ or click on this link
  3. Click on the “User Login” button located in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Enter your email and password, as directed, to log in.

If you require assistance with creating or troubleshooting a shortcut on your local computer, please contact your System Administrator or internal IT Department.

INTERNET EXPLORER 11 - How do I turn on Compatibility Mode?

Setting the compatibility view option is very easy to do.

  1. Open AL Advantage on your device screen
  2. Press and hold down the “ALT” key and then press the letter “T”
  3. This should display a Tools Menu for IE in the upper portion of your screen
  4. About ½ way down you will see “Compatibility View Settings”, click on that
  5. In the upper portion you should see the URL for AL Advantage pre-populated within the box, press the “Add” button.
  6. You should now see the URL populating the lower box
  7. Click on “Close”.

Note: This setting can also be done at the domain group policy level so users never have to make that setting change again. Please contact your internal IT Department for assistance with this global change.


LEVELS OF CARE - How many come standard with AL Advantage?

Levels of Care help you to better determine your residents’ relative need for caregiver time and attention.  By default, 7 levels come with the standard configuration.

LEVELS OF CARE - What is the point range for each level of care?

The chart below represents the standard point range for each level of care.

Default Levels of Care Point Range


LEVELS OF CARE - Can we change the point range?

Yes, absolutely. It’s possible to customize the point range for your community. Please contact us via support@aladvantage.com and advise what changes you would like us to make. We will gladly modify your setup accordingly.

POINT VALUES - How much time is each point worth?

The approximate value of each point is estimated at one (1) minute of caregiver time.

We expect a 120-point resident to require 2 hours of one-on-one time with your staff every day, 7 days per week (some days may require more, some days less, it’s an average).

Another important note: it’s imperative that all community staff avoid quantifying care in terms of minutes and/or hours when discussing Levels of Care with families. This is for internal staff estimation purposes only. This will avoid the unfortunate scenario of having a family member follow the resident and caregivers with a stopwatch.  It’s expected that if a resident needs more “time” than indicated on their assessment for a given day, the caregivers provide the appropriate care, no matter how long it takes.

The purpose of care-time calculation is to get an overall ESTIMATE, and then to determine the correct range within the Levels of Care that is going to properly serve the needs of the resident. This is why the AL Advantage system is not set up to charge per point and we would never recommend that a community do that.
It is very important that you take into account the specific setup of each community. The AL Advantage staffing tool is an ESTIMATE.

Here are some examples of  factors that may INCREASE the actual staffing requirements when compared to AL Advantage estimates:

  • Disparate care stations as in small separate cottages which are farther away from other services
  • Multi-floor communities, elevator wait times, etc.
  • Inefficient setups, long walks around obstacles or to and from care stations/med rooms
  • Any other community factor that slows care givers down when compared to a “normal” setup

These are less common, but here are some example factors that may DECREASE the actual staffing requirements when compared to AL Advantage estimates:

  • Centralized care stations that allow rapid transition from one resident to the next
  • Easy access to dining/activity halls from resident rooms, making escort to and from very fast
  • Any other community factor which speeds up care compared to a “normal” setup

LEVELS OF CARE - Where can I find our community's custom Care Levels?

Custom Care Levels can now be found by clicking on the “Community Info” button at the top of the screen, then going to the “Care Level Configuration” tab.

AL Advantage Levels of Care Customization




PASSWORDS - What do I do if I forgot my password?

Note: For security reasons, the system will lock a User Account after six (6) failed login attempts

If you forgot your password, FIRST review the important information below:

  1. If you’re using an invalid or fictitious email address to log into AL Advantage (ALA) and/or you do not have access to check the email account associated with your User Account, please contact one of your designated AL Advantage System Administrators to generate and provide you with a temporary password to regain access to the system.
  2. If your internet browser is set to automatically save/store your password(s), your old ALA password will need to be cleared from your browser storage before clicking the ‘Account Setup’ link that you receive in the “Password Reset” email from ALA.
    1. If the stored/old password isn’t cleared, the link you receive in your password reset email (See sample email below) will not work correctly. The “Account Setup” link contains new temporary password credentials unique to your account and will be cleared/overwritten if an old password is stored in your browser.
    2. If you’re unsure how to clear your stored password, please contact your I.T. or Technical Support person at your location.
    3. For future reference: Standard healthcare business practices recommend that you NOT automatically save passwords that access medical records, for data/resident security reasons (especially on shared company computers and devices).
  3. After reviewing steps 1 & 2 above, look for the ‘Forgot Your Password? steps located in the lower section of the “User Login” page and follow the directions.

AL Advantage Login - Forgot Your Password Section

Log-in Screen “Forgot Your Password?”

4. After following the steps above to reset your password, if you don’t see an email from ALA in your inbox with the subject of ‘Your AL Advantage Account’, please check your spam/junk email folder(s) as well. If found in a junk or spam folder, please add the ‘@aladvantage.com’ domain to your “Safe Sender” list to ensure future communications are received without issue. If you’re unsure how to do this, contact your I.T. or Technical Support person at your location.

5. Follow the steps in the email that you receive.

Sample Password Reset Email:

Sample email for New Password - AL Advantage

ACCOUNT LOCKED - What should I do when I see the message that my account has been locked?

For security reasons, the system will lock a User Account after six (6) failed login attempts and display the following message:

“Uh oh. Your account has been locked after too many failed attempts. A designated System Administrator from your organization can unlock your account…”

AL Advantage Locked out Error Message

As instructed, please contact one of the designated AL Advantage System Administrators in your care community to unlock your account.

If you are the System Admin and do not have any other designated System Admins within your organization, please contact AL Advantage Support to assist you by phone at (877) 727-2640 or by email at support@aladvantage.com.

For Future Reference: Troubleshooting Tips Before Getting Locked Out:

  1. After the first failed login attempt you will see the following message: “The login credentials supplied were incorrect. Please try again…”
  2. Prior to trying again, please confirm that your ‘capitalization lock’ (“Caps Lock” key) is NOT on, since passwords are case sensitive.
  3. Confirm that your number lock (“Num Lock” key) IS ON, IF your password contains numbers and you’re using the number pad on your keyboard.
  4. If you’re still unable to successfully log in, please reset your password using the “Forgot your password?” steps located in the lower region of the “User Login” page, BEFORE locking yourself out. You can find detailed instructions for password reset steps on this FAQ page, also in the User Account section above at: Password – What do I do if I forgot my password?

TIMING OUT - Why was I automatically logged out of AL Advantage?

To protect resident privacy and data security, the system will automatically end the current user session and log you out of the AL Advantage (ALA) software after 30 minutes of inactivity.

As a best practice, it is recommended that users sign-out of ALA when expected to be away from your computer or device for an extended period of time. This prevents unauthorized access to resident records.

MULTIPLE COMMUNITY ACCESS - How do I add access for another community to my user account?

Please contact one of the designated AL Advantage System Administrators for your community and/or corporate office to update your account with access to other authorized communities within your system.

If you’re not sure who the appropriate person is, please contact AL Advantage Product Support via support@aladvantage.com and we will be happy to provide the point of contact for your community and/or forward your request on to them to assist you.

NEW/EDITING USER ACCOUNT - Adding a new user with the same email?

AL Advantage only allows an email to be entered into the system one time. For example (ED.HopeVista@gmail.com) can only be attached to one user. Users often ask what the steps are when they need to change a user name on an account to match the email address.


Whenever an organization has employee turnover and the new employee will be utilizing the same email address for an old employee NEVER just change the name in the system that is attached to that email.


  1. In order to keep all historical documentation accurate with the former employee you will need to delete that entire user account from the system
  2. After deletion, re-add that email address into the system with the new user first and last name


Performing this change will allow the system to keep all historical documentation accurate and attached to the old user first and last name while still allowing the new user name to show up for new notations while utilizing the same email address for that user.

USER MANAGEMENT - User Management in AL Advantage / Administrative Users / Domain Management?

Per HIPAA regulations and the HI-TECH Security Act AL Advantage cannot act as an administrative user for any community. We are unable to add new users, remove users, change passwords, provide passwords or unlock accounts for users.


Every community must have at least 1 designated (2 preferable) system administrator(s) who will be responsible for user maintenance. It is recommended that whenever a user leaves a community the administrator immediately go delete that user account from the system. The administrator will be able to perform all functions mentioned prior.


Administrative users can only maintain and change/remove accounts that share the same email domain. For example: If Seth111@gmail.com is set as an administrative user that administrator may only maintain accounts that also use @gmail.com domains. They cannot assist with accounts that have @hopevista.com or any other domain.


If you are going to have multiple domains accessing the system please set an administrative user for each domain.


INCIDENT NOTIFICATION – How do I add an email to the notification list?

Please follow the steps below to add a new email address to your Incident Notification List.

Adding email to incident report notification list


SERVICE PLAN - Why won't it display or print?

If you are having a challenge printing a Service Plan, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. If you are using the Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) browser, please turn ‘compatibility mode’ on. Setting the compatibility view option is very easy to do:
    • Make sure the AL Advantage page is on your screen.
    • Press and hold down the “ALT” key and then press the letter “T”.
    • This should display a “Tools” Menu in the upper left portion of the screen.
    • About halfway down you will see “Compatibility View Settings”.
    • Click on that.
    • In the upper portion you should see the URL (web link) for AL Advantage (https://aladvantage.com) pre-populated within the box.
    • Click the “Add” button.
    • You should now see the same URL populating the lower box.
    • Click on “Close”.
    • Now try printing the Service Plan again
  2. Even after the Assessment is completed, Service Plans will not print until the first complete plan item is added. It must include a “Need/Problem” and a “Goal and Intervention” Please see screenshots below for adding these items to the Service Plan.

Service Plan steps 1-3

SERVICE PLAN LOG - What does the message - Out of Memory Exception - mean?

You may experience cases where the “Service Plan Log” will not load or print and displays this message:

“An error has occurred during report processing. Exception of type ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown”.

The Service Plan Log report is extremely memory intensive since it is a very large image-based report with extensive amounts of resident data, and by default loads ALL residents.

Because of this, it’s possible that by running it numerous times in a short period of time it could overwhelm the server. If you receive this message, the best immediate course of action is to wait (approximately) 20 minutes, and then try to print the report again.

SHIFT STAFFING ESTIMATES - Whose hours are included?

Staffing is based on all of the variable costs associated with caring for residents: Caregivers, Nurses (LPN/RN), Med Techs, etc.

Each community is going to be different in relation to RSD/RSC roles, but it’s easy to determine. The question is, how much time does your RSD spend caring for residents vs doing administrative duties?

If an RSD or RSC spends 50% of their day actually helping with resident care, then they are 0.5 of the FTE’s required for resident care and the other 0.5 is a fixed cost they’d need to account for outside of the staffing estimates we provide.
Some communities also have Activities Directors and other management roles; the same question applies. How much of their day is spent providing resident care (the care detailed on their assessments) and how much is just performing overall community admin tasks (producing activity plans/calendars/etc.).


ARCHIVED RESIDENTS - How do I use the Archived Residents module?

The “Archived Residents” module is used when:

  • An “Active” resident leaves your community permanently
  • A “Prospect” does not move into your community
  • A Resident is created in error and needs to be removed from the active records

[Refer to information in the FAQs under “LEAVE OF ABSENCE” for tracking those who are absent from the community on a temporary basis.]

To change a resident to “Archived” status:

  1. Click on the “Residents” button at the top of the screen
  2. Select the Resident to be archived from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click on the red “ARCHIVE RESIDENT” link in the left column

This moves the Resident to the “Archived Residents” module

AL Advantage Archive Resident

To Access or Activate Archived Residents:

The Resident Archive allows AL Advantage users to store and search for historical healthcare data for residents that are no longer in the community.

To access and view an “Archived Resident”:

  1. Click on the “Archived Residents” button at the top of the screen
  2. Select the Archived Resident’s name from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Visit the Feature Announcement about “Archived Residents Module” to see what functionality is available when a resident is in “Archived” status.

To change a Resident record from “Archived” to “Active”:

3. After selecting the correct resident name, click on the red “ACTIVATE RESIDENT” link at the bottom of the left column.

AL Advantage Resident Archive Screen


Automatic Change Notifications are an easy way to keep everyone within your community and corporate staff up-to-date on all resident assessment changes. With this simple email-notification feature, Corporate, Regional, Community and Accounting staff can get immediate resident assessment (care level) points change notices in “real time”.

Key Benefits:

  • For Residents: Logically they get more responsive care coverage with improved collective staff knowledge of their latest care needs
  • For Accounting: They receive the latest resident’s care level status for consequential, most timely and accurate care level invoicing
  • For Management: Up-to-date community care levels changes and trends can be better tracked for adjustments to resident care coverage made in a timely manner
  • For Families: Their loved one’s latest assessment changes can be communicated by your staff sooner

WHAT is this new feature?

Communities now have the capability to send automatic notifications (via email) whenever a Resident’s Assessment points have increased or decreased.

WHO benefits from this information?

Caregivers, billing personnel, various levels of management and other INTERNAL members of your support team will benefit from the Assessment Change Notification enhancement.

NOTE: For confidentiality reasons, never send these emails to anyone outside of your organization.

WHERE can I find it?

All AL Advantage User Access Levels (except MedTech) can add or delete the appropriate email addresses by going to “Community Info”, then the “Accounting” tab.

HOW does it work?

When there are email addresses entered into the Accounting tab, and after each Resident Assessment is edited and saved in AL Advantage:

  1. If there are NO changes to the resident’s assessment point value, an email will not be sent.
  2. If there ARE changes to the points total (up or down) an ‘Assessment Change Notification’ email will be sent, based on the information in the account.

See next FAQ question, “How do I set it up?” for detailed steps and screenshots.



The AL Advantage Team developed the Assessment Change Notification enhancement to provide an efficient method for keeping all key participants informed of care level changes as they occur. Changes in a resident’s care levels can be frequent. Because of this, caregivers, billing and management staff may require immediate notification of changes in resident assessment point totals.

Please follow these steps in setting up this feature:

Determine which people within your community should receive notification whenever ANY Resident Assessment points are increased or decreased in the AL Advantage platform.

WARNING: To protect confidential information, DO NOT include anyone outside of your organization, since those on this list will receive notification of EVERY resident that has a change in assessment points.

Consider: Caregivers/Care Managers, Management/Corporate, Accounting/Billing

Once the email addresses are gathered:

  1. Click the “Community Info” button
  2. Go to the “Accounting” tab.
  3. To add an email, enter the email address in the “EMAIL” field, then click on the “+ ADD” button. (SEE SCREENSHOT BELOW)
    • You will see the emails added in the box below the field. Repeat with as many email addresses as are deemed appropriate and approved for inclusion.
    • All AL Advantage Users (except MedTech level) can access this feature.
    • To delete an email address from the list, simply click on the orange “X” icon next to the email address.

AL Advantage Assessment Change Notification Tab

When emails have been entered, you can continue to update Resident Assessments, as usual. This is what will happen. (SEE SCREENSHOT BELOW)

4. As always, best practice is to click ‘Save Current Assessment to History’ before editing an Assessment.

5. Edit the Resident Assessment, as necessary.

AL Advantage Assessment Screen

When a Resident Assessment has been changed/saved:

  • If there are NO changes to the resident’s total assessment points, an email will not be sent.
  • If there ARE changes to the total points (up or down) an ‘Assessment Change Notification’ email will be sent to all emails that were entered in the Accounting tab, based on the information in the account.
    • If total points changed – An ‘Assessment Change Notification’ email will be sent, which includes (SEE SCREENSHOT # 6 BELOW):
      • Community and resident’s name in the subject line
      • Details related to the points and level change (if applicable), in message body text.

AL Advantage Assessment Change Notification email example

IMPORTANT NOTE: If total points changed, but a ‘Unit’ type has NOT been selected within the ‘Resident Info’ tab – a different ‘Assessment Change Notification:’ email will be sent.

Please see FAQ Question, “What does -No Unit/Service Type Selected for Resident – mean?” for more details.


ASSESSMENT CHANGE NOTIFICATION - What does -No Unit/Service Type Selected for Resident - mean?

If total points have changed, but a ‘Unit’ type has NOT been selected within the ‘Resident Info’ tab – a different ‘Assessment Change Notification’ email will be sent (SEE SCREENSHOTS BELOW), which includes:

  • Community and resident’s name in the subject line
  • Details related to the points change and the words ‘(No Unit/Service Type Selected for Resident)’ in message body.

AL Advantage - No Unit Service Type email sample

  • To view “UNIT” information for a specific resident,
    • Go to the “Resident Info” tab, “Basic Info” section.
    • The appropriate “UNIT” or “Service Level” can be selected from the dropdown menu there. (SEE SCREENSHOT BELOW)
    • The ‘UNIT’ type determines which “Level of Care” Table is referenced (within the community’s ‘Care Level Configuration’) when calculating Assessment Change Notifications.
    • If you’re unsure which “UNIT” type to select, contact your manager or the AL Advantage System Administrator for guidance.

AL Advantage Resident Info missing Unit selection

  • Care Level ‘UNITS’ (Service Levels) can be viewed in “Community Info” > “Care Level Configuration” tab.


LEAVE OF ABSENCE - How can I track resident absences?

Whenever a resident is away from your senior care community, everyone who needs the information can know the details of their status. Whether they’re away for a vacation, home visit, hospitalization or any planned or unplanned absence.

Once the resident record is updated in AL ADVANTAGE, key staff can see that a resident is on leave of absence (LOA) within the platform, as well as in relevant reports, such as Dietary Restrictions, Bathing Schedules and more.

Visit our Announcements Page here for details on how to set it up.

AL Advantage Leave of Absence Feature


RESIDENT, NEW - Why are these words showing up on listings and reports?

You may see numerous unused records for ‘Resident, New’ displayed in the ‘Find A Resident’ listing. These may also print on reports.

Empty “Resident, New” accounts are created when a user repeatedly clicks on the ‘New Record’ button. This creates a new unused Resident record each time. Resident records cannot be deleted within the system, only archived, by design.

To remove these unwanted records:

  1. Using the ‘Find A Resident’ dropdown, select one of the “Resident, New” records.
  2. After the record loads on the screen, click on the red ‘Archive Resident’ link located in the dark blue “Quick Links” region to the left of the form.
  3. Repeat as necessary.

RESIDENT RECORDS - How can I add a photo to a Resident Record?

Inserting a photo of each resident is invaluable in connecting faces with names and helping to ensure that the correct care is provided to the proper resident. Resident charting errors are also minimized when instructions are entered in the appropriate resident record.

The process of adding a photo is easy to do.

  1. Ask a family member to email you a favorite photo or have someone in the community take a snapshot with a smartphone or camera.
    • PNG, GIF, and JPG files are accepted
    • File size should NOT exceed 5MB
  2. Save the resident photo on a computer or device that can be accessed along with the AL Advantage software.
  3. Go to the AL Advantage “Resident Info” page of the person where the photo is to be added.
  4. Click on the “Resident Image Face Icon” – see screenshot below

Change Resident Photo Screenshot 1

5. Clicking on the icon will bring up the screen below. Then click on the “Choose File” button and navigate on your computer to find the photo that you wish to upload.

6. Once the file is located, click on it and the “Open” button at the bottom, right corner of the screen. This will insert the photo into the “Resident Image” screen.

7. If the photo doesn’t fit correctly into the red “Resident Image” box, drag the red boxes on the corners of the photo to resize as desired.

8. When the image in the red box is the way you like, click on the “Crop Your Picture” button to remove all excess photo content. (See below)

9. Your cropped resident image will appear in the box. If you like what you see, click the “Approve Your Picture” button.

10. If you DON’T like what you see, click on the “RESET and Start Over” button, then repeat the steps until you have the photo formatted as you like.

11. Once you’ve approved your picture, it will show up on the Resident Info Screen, Face Sheet, Service Plan and various other reports.

RESIDENT RECORDS - What can I do if one of our records appears to be missing or deleted?

This situation may occur if a user thinks they are searching for a resident, when they are actually in the editable name fields within the Resident form. In this case, the name on the current resident record that is open/on screen at the time is changed or updated by mistake.

It’s important to note that Resident records CANNOT be deleted within the AL Advantage system, only archived, as a safeguard by design.

These steps are recommended to recover the missing Resident record:

  • Navigate to Reports > Rosters > Residents with photos icon. Confirming that each resident’s photo matches the name and/or room # may help you identify and correct the issue quickly.


  • Review a list of all your residents and look for duplicate names.
  • Within the duplicate records, review the details to determine what record(s) belong to which residents and/or which record was altered by mistake.
    • TIP: Sometimes, the changed name will appear in lowercase letters, since most people are not concerned about using proper case when attempting a search.
    • All of the original/correct Resident data/history is still in AL Advantage.
  • Simply change/update the name back to the original/correct name upon confirmation of which record was altered by mistake.

To prevent this in the future, be sure to instruct/remind your staff to always utilize the “Find A Resident” dropdown located within the dark blue area below the form when searching for a resident, NOT the editable and auto-save name fields within the light gray area of the actual form.

RESIDENT TYPE - What is the Resident Type “Prospect” used for?

The new Resident Type, “PROSPECT” allows a User to create a record for a prospective resident and calculate what their level of care would be, by completing a Resident Assessment. This allows authorized staff to provide a care cost estimate to a potential resident and their family before joining the community.

AL Advantage Users may now select either “Prospect” or “Active” Resident Type when creating a new record. When the “Prospect” Type is selected, only the “Resident Info, Face Info and Assessment” tabs are available for that prospect.

Any resident with “Prospect” Resident Type will also show the word “Prospect” in their name in key reports, screens and name fields. This allows users to distinguish between active and prospective residents within AL Advantage.

If the prospective resident moves into the community, the Resident Type can be changed to “Active” without the need to re-create the record.

When the Resident Type is changed to “Active”, all other tabs and functionality are available for use and the word “Prospect” is removed in all locations.

AL Advantage Active Resident

SERVICE PLAN - Why isn't the due date changing?

You may have noticed that if you complete a Service Plan, the due date doesn’t change and/or may be indicating a past due status.

The date within the ‘SVC PLAN DUE:’ field located in the “Resident Info” tab does not automatically populate or update by design. We want caregivers to be mindful of a change of condition.

As a best practice, once the “Assessment” and “Service Plan” have been completed, the User should manually update the date to reflect the next due date for the resident, according to the policies of your community.


AUTHORIZATION - What does the message - Not authorized to use this domain - mean?

When entering an email address to create a User Account, the AL Advantage System Administrator may receive this message:

“You are not authorized to use this domain, update cancelled. Please contact support@aladvantage.com if you need assistance.” 

  • To maintain the security of the AL Advantage platform, System Administrators can only create User Accounts using the domain that they own/control.This means that all email addresses must end with the same domain as your company email account. For example; if you work for Sunshine Assisted Living and your emails look like Name@SunshineAL.com, then only emails that end with the same domain can be used for creating User Accounts.
  • It’s imperative that if you allow “fictitious” email addresses to be entered when creating User Accounts, that you always create them in the same domain format as the one(s) that you own and/or ending with the same email address/domain as the System Administrator’s own User Account.
    • Reminder: If an invalid/fictitious email address is used for a User Account, the employee will NOT be able to recover their password on their own and must contact a designated AL Advantage System Administrator in your community to create and provide them with a new temporary password.

ACCESS LEVELS - What unique access does a System Administrator have?

The difference between AL Advantage System “Admin” access/rights vs. “Standard” user access is the ability to see and utilize the functions within the ‘User Maintenance’ tab in the “Community Info” module.

System Administrators have the capability to grant and revoke “Admin” access to additional Users without assistance from AL Advantage Product Support Team!

Please click on the “Community Info” button, then the “User Maintenance” tab. System Administrators will find an option in the lower right corner that says “Grant (or Delete) System Admin Access”.

Click on the button to change “Admin” access as needed.”

Grant System Admin Access - New


ACCESS LEVELS - What is Med Tech Restricted Access?

Within a User Account you will see “MED TECH RESTRICTED ACCESS” wording, followed by a check box .

When the ‘MED TECH RESTRICTED ACCESS’ box is checked, the User has limited AL Advantage system access. This user is only authorized with the following permissions:

  • View the Resident Info tab
  • View Resident Profile Photo
  • Utilize the Charting module
  • Utilize the Incidents tab
  • Print Residents’ Face Sheets and Contacts

RESIDENT DATA PROTECTION - Responsibilities and Best Practices

As a friendly reminder, per your ALA Licensing Agreement (see excerpt below), initial login credentials are created by AL Advantage for your primary designated System Administrator(s) upon execution of your agreement and account setup.

Subsequent to initial setup, it’s each community’s designated System Admin(s)’ responsibility to create, manage and/or delete all additional User Accounts moving forward, as necessary.Section 6 of ALAdvantage agreement

In summary, every care community:

  1. Will have at least one designated System Administrator responsible for all additional User Accounts.
  2. Is responsible for the protection of all community residents’ data.
  3. Is responsible for the protection of all company and/or community user credentials and access.

On a day to day basis, AL Advantage is typically not aware of who is currently employed and/or authorized as users or who is under contract within your organization. We also don’t always know who should have software access. Because of this, standard procedure will always be to refer user access questions to one of the designated System Admins we have on record for your community.

Data Protection “Best Practice” Suggestions  

  • Ensure that all staff knows who to contact within your organization and/or outside of your organization (such as contracted Management and/or Consulting companies), for User Account-related questions and/or concerns, such as:
    • New User Accounts
    • Assistance with resetting password
      • This especially becomes necessary when fictitious email addresses are in use within User Accounts, as Users are unable to utilize online ALA password reset functionality.
    • Unlocking User Account after too many failed login attempts
    • Granting user access to additional communities (if applicable)
    • Granting or deleting System Admin access to additional users for communities within your own community access.
    • Training issues
  • We’d like to suggest you develop and post a list of designated community System Admin(s) and their contact information for 24/7 access
  • Review your community User Account drop-down list periodically to ensure accurate current staffing names and their authorized access levels.
  • As always, if a System Administrator is unable to provide a solution themselves – please contact ALA Product Support via our Contact info below.

USER ACCOUNT SETUP - How do I add a new User?

AL Advantage - Add a new user - New

IMPORTANT: For security reasons, the new user’s email address must have the same domain as the System Admin that is adding the user (i.e. both emails must have the same text after the @ sign in their email address. For example: @samedomain.com). For more info on this criteria, please see: FAQ “What does the message “Not authorized to use this domain” mean?”

Adding a New User:

  1. Click on the “Community Info” button at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on “User Maintenance” Tab
  3. Click on the “New User” button
  4. Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email address (required) and Title (optional)
  5. Optional: If new user is authorized to be a System Admin, click on the “Grant” button to grant administrative access.
  6. Regarding the Password:
    • If the new user’s email address is real/valid, you will click on the ‘Send Password Email’ and AL Advantage will automatically send the user an email with a link and instructions for creating their password.
    • Likewise, if they need to reset their password, they may do so themselves via the steps listed on the bottom of the Login screen. See “Forgot your password?
    • If the new user’s email address is NOT real/valid, you will click the ‘Generate New Temp Pass’ link to generate a new temporary password key and provide it to the user either by email from your email account or provide it to them manually. If they forget their temporary password, they will need to contact you or another System Admin to repeat this process.
    • The ‘Temp Pass:’ and ‘Temp Pass Status’ information shown on the “User Maintenance” tab indicates the status of the Temporary Pass key for the User displayed. For further explanation on “Temp Pass – Status” see FAQ “USER ACCOUNT SETUP – What does “Temp Pass – Status” mean?

Changing User Account Information:

NOTE: Once an account is created, if the “Name”, “Email” or “Med Tech Restricted Access” box is later changed, the System Admin must reset the User password for security reasons. (See Step #6 above)

USER ACCOUNT SETUP - What does “Temp Pass – Status” mean?”

AL Advantage Temp Pass status - New

The ‘Temp Pass:’ and ‘Temp Pass Status’ information shown on the “User Maintenance” tab indicates the status of the Temporary Pass key for the User Name displayed:

“Temp Pass” Definitions:

  • Key Code = A combination of numbers and letters following “Temp Pass” indicate that the user did NOT use the key to access the AL Advantage system yet. They have NOT set up their new password.
  • “Temp Pass” Blank + “Temp Pass Status” = “NONE” = If there is NO key code after the ‘Temp Pass’ label AND the ‘Temp Pass Status’ shows as ‘None’, it means a temporary pass key has never been generated for this account (via the ‘Send Password Email’ button or ‘Generate New Temp Pass’ link).
  • “Temp Pass” Blank + “Temp Pass Status” = “USED” = If there is NO key code after the ‘Temp Pass’ label AND the ‘Temp Pass Status’ shows as ‘Used’, it means the key WAS utilized and the user HAS set up their new password.
    • No further action is needed by the System Admin.

“Temp Pass Status” Definitions:

  • “None” = A temporary pass key has never been generated for this account.
  • “Valid” (as shown above) = is still a valid temp pass key that may be used to set up their password.
  • “Expired” = means User DID NOT utilize the key within the 48-hour window that a temporary pass key is valid, and a new temp pass key must be generated. See FAQ “How Do I Add a New User?” (Step 6) for details.
  • “Used” = If the ‘Temp Pass Status’ shows as ‘Used’ AND there are NO numbers and/or letters after the ‘Temp Pass’ label, it means the key WAS utilized and the user HAS set their new password.

USER ACCOUNT SETUP - Why does the email address keep disappearing?

Each unique email address can only be associated with one User Account within the AL Advantage system. The email address is a “unique identifier” used to authorize access levels and send communications to a specific user. When adding a new user, if the email address is already in use anywhere across the entire AL Advantage platform, the system clears the email field and displays a warning at the bottom of the form.

Additional Considerations:

  • Some communities choose to use generic email format(s) for some senior staff (such as rsd.communityname@email.com). If there is a new person in the position, before an email can be reused, the User Account for the former employee (with the email address that you wish to re-use) must:
    • be deleted entirely
    • or the email address must be removed/deleted from the previous User Account
  • Designated AL Advantage System Administrators with authorization to manage the software for multiple communities within a parent company may grant specific User Accounts access to multiple communities, if appropriate. This eliminates the need for creating separate User Accounts for each location that one person needs to access.
  • Unfortunately, it’s NOT possible to assign one User access to multiple communities if the communities are not part of the same parent company. In that case, multiple User Accounts are required for the user.

USER ACCOUNT - How do I delete a User Account?

Delete a user account - New

  1. Click on the “Community Info” button.
  2. Go to the “User Maintenance” tab.
  3. Select the User name from the drop-down list. This is the User you’re deleting.
  4. Click on the “Delete” button
  5. You will also want to delete this User Email from any distribution list where they were added.

USER ACCOUNT - How do I unlock a User Account?

For security reasons, the AL Advantage software will lock a User Account after ten (10) failed login attempts and display the following message:

‘Uh oh. Your account has been locked after too many failed attempts. A designated System Administrator from your organization can unlock your account…”

AL Advantage Locked out Error Message

If a User reports that their User Account is locked, the following steps can be taken by an AL Advantage System Administrator:

  1. Click on the “Community Info” button in AL Advantage at the top of any page. (See image below)
  2. Go to the “User Maintenance” Tab
  3. Select the correct (locked) “User Account” name from the drop-down list
  4. Click on the “Unlock Account” button at the bottom (left side) of the page. This unlocks the User Account and allows them to sign in. [Note: this button only appears when a “User Account” is locked.]

Unlock User account - New


If the User has forgotten their password, please follow the steps in the FAQs on this page:



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