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EHR Software Updates

EHR Software Updates

Update 11/15/2020

Bug and Stability Fixes

AL Advantage eliminated multiple bugs and improved software stability

Update 10/9/2020

Bug and Stability Fixes

AL Advantage eliminated multiple bugs and improved software stability

Update 9/1/2020

Evacuation Selection

The evacuation fields added to our EHR program allow for communities to plan emergency evacuation needs.

The 2 fields consist of a dropdown that states whether the resident will evacuate with the community, to family, a shelter, third-party or other option.

The second field allows for notation so a community may be more specific about the plans and goals for an evacuation.

Update 7/15/2020

Other Concern Entries

AL Advantage has listened to user feedback on the need to document exclusive, differing or enhanced care on a resident assessment. This request comes from the ability of communities needing the ability to bill a resident correctly and care for that resident to the highest level possible.

Upon review, AL Advantage has added an, “Other Concern,” box to each ADL so caregivers and staff can document care correctly and also ensure that proper billing is taking place as well.

Each, “Other Concern,” box allows for an entry as well as a manual point update and entry as well to cover both circumstances.

0 Medication Points

AL Advantage has worked with a multitude of customers on the medications portion of the EHR software.

Due to multiple communities using their EMAR for medication related purposes including, care, tracking and billing it was requested that we enable the ability for communities to track medication needs and care within the EHR but turn off the points for this section, if desired, so that communities can run their billing through their EMAR or other means.

Per review, AL Advantage has added a, “Deactivate Medication Points,” option for the medications tab of the assessment so that communities can still document needs within the EHR but not have points generated for care from that module.

Update 2/3/2020

Alert Charting Update

AL Advantage has always had alert charting setup in the EHR software.

Per multiple requests, AL Advantage has given multiple alert charting timeframes between 4 hours for less critical instances to 72 hours for longer reviews.

Update 12/19/2019

Flu Shot Offering

Per multiple state requirements AL Advantage has added, “Flu Shot Offering,” to the care plan selection list.

Height Measurement

Many communities have shared the fact that they enjoy the weight log tracking of each resident but also wanted the ability to track height and height changes as well.

On review, AL Advantage has added a, “Height,” field to the logs for tracking as well.

Update 10/1/2019

Discharge Date

AL Advantage has added a, “Discharge Date,” field to the EHR program so communities can enter when a resident leaves the community.

This entry will show on the resident face sheet report as well in the event they must have their records accessed at any point for state or legal reasons.

Update 9/2/2019

Administrator Lockout Notification

AL Advantage locks user from access to guard HIPAA sensitive information once too many login attempts are failed.

Per HIPAA, AL Advantage cannot control and maintain users as we can not verify personnel on-site and this must be done by community or executive administrators.

To expedite the lockout and unlock process AL Advantage has created an administrator lockout notification. Simply enter the email address of the administrative users into this field and they will be notified whenever a lockout has occurred.

Update 8/16/2019

Personal Care Unit

The standard care units are available in AL Advantage’s EHR program as:

  1. Assisted Living
  2. Memory Care
  3. Independent Living

Communication from several states and state auditors led to AL Advantage including another and new care class known as, “Personal Care.” With the new selection available all communities can now ensure their residents are under the appropriate care classification.

Update 7/1/2019

Resident Naming Protection

AL Advantage received numerous reports of new users believing the name field was, “searchable,” and was causing duplicate naming entries.

Per review, we have added a notification anytime a name is modified where a user will have to read the notification and accept or cancel the update prior to completing the change.

Update 5/31/2019

Evacuation Form Field

The evacuation form field was added so communities can enter the date an evacuation form was either handed out or returned.

Many states require an Evacuation Form to be completed for every resident in the community so evacuation details are captured and reviewable.


Quarterly Medication Review Field

This medication review field allows for communities to enter a date for a resident medication review based on state requirements.

If a state requires medication reviews every quarter than a user must simply enter the next review date in this field.

6 Month Medication Review Field

This medication review field allows for communities to enter a date for a resident medication review based on state requirements.

If a state requires medication reviews every 6 months than a user must simply enter the next review date in this field.

Satisfaction Survey Field

This field was added for use with communities that provide residents leaving the community with satisfaction surveys.

If a resident leaves the community or is planning on leaving the community you may enter this date as date given or date returned before archiving the resident.

Charting Notes Report

AL Advantage understands that resident charting is an essential need of every community, caregiver and resident.

We have created this new report that shows not just the charting subject for quick viewing but also the entire charting documentation related to the subject entry.

Update 4/6/2019

Bowel Movement Log

Bowel movement tracking is essential for residents and staff in order to assess a residents health, fluid intake vs. output and create a service plan around options for care provided.

Meal Consumption Log

Meal consumption is an important factor in tracking a residents care and having the ability to view this data allows for service plan creation around the care that will be needed and provided.

Inventory Monitor Log

Communities provide items, materials and other necessities for residents. This can include toilet paper, soap, etc. A communities ability to track their current inventory at a resident level helps with budgeting, cost and staffing.

Update - 12/12/2018

Update Archive Module

AL Advantage understands that at times for auditing, legal or other purposes, former residents need to have their data viewable. AL Advantage has updated our Archive Module so that all prior residents can still have their entered data viewable in the system while remaining in the archive.

Update 11/30/2018

Prospective Resident Addition

AL Advantage added the functionality for communities to add prospective residents to the system. This feature allows:

  1. Ability to utilize the current EHR system as a CRM
  2. Ability to create an initial assessment for a prospective resident
    • Allows for knowing what the resident unit will be
      • AL, MC, IL
    • Allows for knowing what the residents LOC will be
  3. Ability to have no billing for prospective residents
  4. Ability to archive residents from active directory