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Dementia and Memory Care – Focusing on the Details

Dementia and Memory Care – Focusing on the Details
February 19, 2019 ALAdvantage
Dementia and Memory Care Infographic

Because the risk of Dementia increases with age, comprehensive senior memory care is crucial for quality of life for the dementia patient.

Unfortunately, many people fail to plan in advance for their physical and mental needs as they grow older. This can lead to some difficult situations for any senior citizen and their loved ones when dementia is diagnosed.

In this infographic we focus on many important aspects of dementia diagnosis and care.

  1. Understanding Dementia
  2. Why Isn’t there a Cure?
  3. Innovative Care Techniques
  4. Dementia Risk Factors
  5. Medical and Financial Planning

AL Advantage Memory Care Software can help your care community successfully manage dementia care and resident data. Find out more here.

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Why We Need Innovative Dementia Care

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