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Announcements — 7.15.2020 Version Release


7.15.2020 Version Release Announcement


“Other Concern” Boxes Addition for All (12) Assessment ADLs:

AL Advantage is proud to roll-out a NEW enhancement that allows users and communities to capture more ADL data and assessment point monitoring per resident by incorporating a new, “Other Concern,” box to each ADL within the assessment module. This will allow communities to easily capture updated care needs and points while having the customization to control those points and a residents current Level of Care, “LOC.”



Medications’ Tab Generates No Points with New “Points Deactivation Checkbox”:

AL Advantage understands that many communities are tracking the resident medications, usage and billing in other platforms and do not want, “LOC,” points generating on their AL Advantage EHR billing. As requested, AL Advantage is happy to add a medication points nullifier to the Medications tab of the resident assessment. This new ability allows you to still capture medication information to be included on the resident assessment but will generate no, “LOC,” points so they will not have those show on the EHR billing and can be billed in the appropriate engine or platform your community has chosen.





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